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Card Tricks Revealed

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    January 17, 2014 2:37 AM EST

    Card tricks are a simple fun way to fascinate and amaze others. Here are a few simple card tricks you can learn to amuse your friends. Most card tricks seem complicated, but are really just simple little ploys to trick the mind. With a small amount of practice, almost anyone can learn a few card tricks.

    All the Aces! The spectator cuts the deck into four piles. From each pile three random cards are dealt onto each of the other piles. The top card of each pile is turned over to reveal all four Aces.

    Preparation: Put all four aces onto the top of the deck.


    1) Tell the spectator to cut the deck into two piles. Once he has done that, have them divide the two piles into four.

    2) We will call the piles numbers one to four; four being the top pile with the Aces. (Don't tell the spectator these numbers. They are just for us to keep track of things.)

    3) Have the spectator pick up pile one, put the top three cards onto the bottom, and deal the (now) top three cards onto the other piles (two, three, and four. One card to each pile.)

    4)The spectator continues, in order, to do the same with the other piles. (You just point to each pile, when you want them to use it.)

    5)There IS no 5, you're done! Just turn over the top cards to reveal the Aces!

    Simple Card Switch This is a very simple trick that requires no sleight of hand just a little practice to get the moistness of the fingers to grip the cards, if you go and practice this now, I guarantee you that in less than 15 minutes you will be able to stun your kids!!


    First, before starting the card trick, find the two black 6?'s and the two black 9?'s. (The 6 of Spades, the 6 of Clubs, the 9 of Spades, and the 9 of Clubs.) Then, take the 6 of Spades and the 9 of Clubs and place one of them on the top of the deck and the other on the bottom. Keep the 6 of clubs and the 9 of spades separate.

    Show the deck of cards to your audience. (The person you are showing the card trick to.) Hold the 6 of clubs and the 9 of spades in front of the person. Ask them to tell you what cards they are. They will say the 6 of clubs and the 9 of spades, of course. Ask them if they are sure. They will say that they are sure. Then hold up either of the cards and ask them what card it is. After they respond, place that card in the middle of the deck. Now do the same with the other card.

    Once both cards are inside the deck, place it down on the table and tell the person to tap the deck three times. After that ask them if they have any magic moon dust. If they say, no say you will loan them some and reach into your pocket and pretend to sprinkle dust on the cards. If they say yes, tell them there?'s no such thing as magic moon dust. Now rub your hands together and blow on them so your fingers are slightly moist. (This is important.)

    Pick up the deck by putting your thumb on top and your other fingers on bottom. Hold the deck very lightly. Swing the deck back and forth, and on the third swing throw the deck to your other hand, but make sure you hold onto the top and bottom card. Your moistened fingers will help.
    Finale: After all that, your victim will still remember the cards, but only vaguely. When you show them the 6 of spades and 9 of clubs that you ?"pre-placed?" they will be astounded, unless they have an awesome memory.

    Easy Pick Ask your friend to pick up a card from the deck and memorize it. Shuffle the cards and ask him to place the picked card on the top of the deck.

    Take the deck behind your back and flip the top card such that its face faces upwards. Bring the deck in front such that its bottom faces your friend. In the meanwhile, watch the flipped card, which now faces you.

    Memorize the card and take the deck behind your back again. Flip the card and place it anywhere in the deck. Bring the deck in front and shuffle the cards. As you know the card you can easily point out the chosen card from the deck.