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How to Build a Dollhouse

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    January 17, 2014 2:34 AM EST

    If you are interested in dollhouses, you might want to know how to build a dollhouse. Dollhouses can range from quite simple to quite extraordinary.

    How to Build a Dollhouse
    You can build a simple dollhouse using corrugated boxes of the same size, corrugated sheets and a box cutter or utility knife. If you don't have access to corrugated sheets, you can cut sheets from extra corrugated boxes.

    Each corrugated box will become one story of your dollhouse. Alternatively, you can stack the boxes side-by-side for a wider dollhouse.

    First, cut the backs off of the boxes so that you can get into the dollhouse easily. Then glue the boxes together.

    Now is the time to decide on your floor plan as well as where you want your windows, doors and connecting doors to be. Cut your doors to the outside, connecting doors and windows and then tape your dividing walls into place. Don't forget to put on a roof!

    You now have the barebones of a dollhouse. You can use paper for wall paper on the inside or paint the walls the colors of your choice. Try felt or old carpet pieces for flooring. For a wood floor, cut popsicle sticks into rectangles and then glue them in place.

    If you would like to build a more complicated dollhouse, you can find free dollhouse plans online that will include lists of supplies that you will need to have for building. Alternatively, visit your local library and pick up a crafts book on making dollhouses.

    Say that you want to build a complex dollhouse, but don't want the fuss of buying the correct materials and cutting the materials to size. You can buy dollhouses kits that are built to scale, such as one inch equaling one foot. These kits typically include the materials to build the dollhouse itself, but do not include any glue or tools. In addition, you will also usually have to "finish," or paint, wallpaper and decorate, the dollhouse yourself.