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How To Create String Art Earrings

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    January 16, 2014 2:47 AM EST

    Create string art earrings to complete a retro look or make a bold statement. While the technique of stringing is not too difficult, and the process is similar to making string art ornaments, it's still wise to prepare a practice set of earrings before moving onto the real thing.

    Materials Needed
    To create the string art earrings, you'll need to assemble the appropriate materials. Start with 24-gauge copper wire, 14-gauge copper wire, wire cutters, jewelry pliers, 2 skeins of embroidery floss in different colors, clear craft glue and a wire coiling device. The wire coiling device is available at most craft stores with a jewelry section, and it allows you to wind wire into a tight spiral. Don't forget the ear wires for the earrings as well.

    Creating The Earring Frame
    Bend a piece of the 14-gauge wire into a teardrop shape, just the size you desire for the earrings. Using the wire coiling device, create a wire coil about 5 inches long. Gently stretch the coil so that it opens up slightly. Thread the coil over the teardrop, creating a coiled frame. Twist the wires together at the top of the teardrop. Trim any excess, but not all of the wire, as you'll need it later to attach the earring parts. Repeat this process for the second earring, taking care to be as exact as possible in size and shape.

    Stringing The Earrings
    Separate the embroidery string of the first color, and pull out just one strand. Knot the thread at the top of the teardrop, and then pull the string exactly across to the bottom of the teardrop. Pull the string back up to the top, and loop it around the coil right next to the knot, then back down to the coil right next to the first loop. Continue looping the string directly across the wire frame over and over to create unique designs. Knot the end when finished. Incorporate a second color in a similar way, but don't completely cover the designs of the first color. Apply clear glue to where the thread and wires meet to keep the strings tight. Repeat with the other wire frame to create two earring pendants.

    Attach The Earring Hooks
    Use the jewelry pliers to bend the top wire into a finished jewelry loop. Before closing the loop, thread in the ear wires and close the loop. Repeat with the other earring, and the jewelry is finished.