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Looking for a partner for house music website!

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    January 13, 2014 2:37 PM EST

    I am currently seeking a highly motivated person living in London with experience marketing and an interest in electronic/house music to become a partner in an online music site.

    The successful candidate will be in charge of all marketing responsibilities for the business including social media marketing, email marketing, traditional marketing and blogging. The candidate must also have a passion and good knowledge of electronic music (mostly different sub genres of house). You will need an entrepreneurial way of thinking and be able to come up with fresh ideas for the business. As a partner the profit generated from the business will be split straight down the middle.


    About the business
    Biggervoice is a demo distribution service set up for house music producers get their tracks signed. We hava a database of around 8,000 record label contacts, receive the music from the artists and distrubute them among the labels.


    Please visit for more information.


    As this is a new idea and there are no other known companies offering this type of service, the candidate must believe in the potential of the business and have the drive to push the business as far as possible.


    Traditional marketing
    Social media marketing
    email marketing
    Experienced blogger
    Knowledge of SEO preferred


    Be a partner in the business
    Manage all marketing responsibilites


    If you feel you meet the requirements please contact