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Software review: Market Samurai SEO Keyword Tool

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    April 10, 2011 10:48 PM EDT

    I use this software for 30 days. It trail version. I found it is good software to use for SEO work. Many options are available in this software. cheers.....

    Marketing Consulting | Online Marketing Agency

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    August 25, 2009 1:44 PM EDT

    Hello all.  I started using Market Samurai as part of the "30 Day Challenge" program and I am very impressed.  Note: I have no connection with that software company nor with 30 Day Challenge.


    You do not have to be an affiliate marketer to take advantage of the resources that the software provides.  For example, if I have certain pages that should be performing better, I can do a keyword research analysis to ensure that I am targeting the right ones. 


    Several things really impressed me:

    1. You can explore your competition by conducting "...a real time SEO analysis of the top web sites that are currently competing for the micro-niche keywords that you are interested in."  This is a quote found in this video (2:42) which gives a demonstration of what one of the modules within the software can do. For any given keyword or phrase, you can know the following about your competition:
      1. Domain Age
      2. Page Rank
      3. Page Backlinks
      4. Domain Backlinks
      5. Where those keywords are located within the page (header, title, url, etc)
      6. And more...
    2. You can explore if there is a viable market and the number of competing webpages for each keyword as well as the "strengths" of those sites.  This is useful information for making decisions as to whether or not to invest any time , energy or money on a particular niche.
    3. The software is very well thought out especially if you are an affiliate marketer. 
      1. You can find on-line content on your keywords and save those pages as text or html.
      2. You can create and promote ads.
      3. You can find affiliate products related to your keywords.
      4. You can publish content
      5. And more...


    It's really worth watching the video  to get an idea of what the software can do.  And if you are interested, watch several of the videos on the "30 Day Challenge" website to explore the other functionalities of the software.


    I had actually downloaded a free version several months ago but because I did not watch the support videos, I didn't have an appreciation for the utilities in the software.   At first, I thought it was an over glorified Google application.  As a result I gave up on it too quickly.   But after watching the videos and using the software for several real projects, I now see it much differently.

    Brendita`s Body Works - Organic Skin & Hair Care Products

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    January 3, 2010 9:52 AM EST

    Thanks chdutta.  Market Samurai is probobly one of several software products that provide a similar service.  I also use  Market Samurai to check the backlinks of my competitors.  I called it "website stalking".  But actually, I don't just focus on competitors.  I also use it to find sites that may be relevant to my niche.

    Brendita`s Body Works - Organic Skin & Hair Care Products