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Electric company cars

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    January 11, 2014 8:47 AM EST

    I just looked up some information, and depending on where your business is, there are some HUGE deductions and credits for electric cars.


    I plan on adding solar panels to the roof of my video marketing company and purchasing electric company cars as soon as I can justify the expenditure. Unfortunately, I am in one of the states that has the absolute bare-minimum tax advantages for electric cars and most green technologies.


    Does anyone know of a reasonably-priced electric car that has a range of over 100 miles per-charge? I am thinking of a car in the 30k-40k range. Teslas start at 60k, but that is too much to spend on a company car that interns will be driving.


    Would love your suggestions!

    Corporate Operating Officer

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    August 16, 2015 11:51 AM EDT
    I would love a tesla for my company..