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Email server

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    May 21, 2013 4:52 PM EDT

    Is delivering mass email campaign possible once I have my own mail server? I work for a small company and we have actually fallen under what we call a "Spam" or "Junk". Far the company has gotten a subscriber list from our site, and paid a sufficient portion of change for an email program. The problem is, our list has near 4,500 individuals on it and growing. with gmail just enabling a hundred e-mails for every account through on SMTP and I'm on a tight budget plan so I cant hire anyone else. I was considering doing a dedicated mail server off of the website server we have running in the workplace. Can it be possible? to make e-mails on your own server, and then deliver it through your own SMTP? What software would I need and is if affordable or free of cost at least in case it is. We run a WAMP server, i set it up simply for information, but i could change it to lamp or whatever if need be. Thanks a lot.