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Tool to estimate a Start-up Cost

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    May 10, 2012 8:34 AM EDT

    Hello all web entrepreneurs,

    I am currently participating in the latest design challenge of OpenIDEO (an online innovation platform) in collaboration with European Commission. The topic is 'How might we support entrepreneurs in launching and growing sustainable global businesses?'

    My concept Start-up Wallet is an online tool for web entrepreneurs to calculate the total start-up cost of getting their idea off the ground. It includes all the fix and variable costs of necessary items that might or not come to the entrepreneur’s mind: such ashardware equipments, rents, license fees, recruitment costs, travel costs, etc. An entrepreneur can select among these items to drag and drop in his Virtual Wallet. In the end, he can see how they sum up to a total start-up cost.

    Here are more details:

    Right now we are collecting basic information from entrepreneurs globally. I would be happy to have your contribution by filling out a short survey on how you already deal with estimating your start up costs: