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Can someone explain the sales process?

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    February 19, 2012 9:13 AM EST

    I would like to start my own business. One of the things holding me back is the sales and inventory process. I was thinking someone on the board could help me out? Ill list some questions below. Thanks.


    1. Are there any books any of you could recommend to learn about business operations and terminology? I would like to learn everything I would be expected to know. Things such as inventory, sales, logistics, contracts, etc.

    Is it a requirement to know all of this? I mean, if I try to get a loan or venture capital would a bank or VC look at me like I am crazy for just wanting to hire and outsource right off the bat? 

    Or in my business plan can I list I would like to outsource some of these? Example: Outsource or hire a logistics or supply chain manager. Or hire a top salesman. 

    I dont see why any bank or VC would think I am crazy because I could hire some top people to do these operations. Am I wrong?


    2. As I said above, I am still learning about inventory and sales. Say I go on a sales call and I sell to a retailer. How does the contract work? Is the product expected to be delivered right away? Or do I have time to get more manufactured? And what if I dont have the funds to manufacture the order? Can I get an inventory loan? 


    If someone could help me out, thank. As I said, if you know of a book that can explain everything, I would be more than happy to read it.