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Business OFW

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    January 2, 2013 6:24 PM EST

    To be able to have a successful business , I must have a clear vision on my main objective in my business. My business must fit in my passion and skills. For example, i love computers, i must create a business involving computers. These factor will help me to spearheaded creating my own business.

    Another factor is time. Time is one of the main ingredient for a successful business. I must give my business a time to monitor the progress and time to enhance the core of my business. Being a manager of the business, it is important to become hands on to all corners of my industry.

    Another is I must give my market share a quality output or product. My business must produce a unique merchandise that will stand out to all other business with the same line with my business.

    It is also important to have a good camaraderie with the customers and employers. A good leadership towards his employers will lead to produce quality product and later on a success of a business. Loyal customers will help the stock market to maintain or grow in the future.

    There are other factors to become successful in business. And this factors will appear as I go on for the next 30 years.  Experience is the best teacher.

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