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10 why business needs providing Online Customer Service

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    January 4, 2014 1:45 PM EST


    By Frederick Consulting


    Online Customer Service is emerging marketing activity that will be popular in the future. This will show you that why your business needs it and how it could benefit in long-term. These are 10 reasons that explain clear and plainly logics behind establishment of online customer service.


    1. Establish customer-business relationship


    Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media may show people existence of your business and your attempt to spread an information. But it’s may not indicate customer service of your business. Meanwhile, customers are measuring your dedication on them and they’ve grouped your business by customer service efforts level. The customers are looking for more comfortable portal for communication so that your business should provide online customer service even yours is not large one. If you’re growing and intend to scale, you need to establish online customer service for emerging customers so they will recognize apparent existence of a relationship with your business. And this kind of marketing activity will last in customer relationship and long-term benefits.


    (For lack of budget, Servgood maybe an alternative for online customer service providing because it’s free)


    2. Brand Maintenance


    We’re know that brand awareness means huge effects on marketing purposes. And a brand potential provide sustainable advantages on a product distribution and a marketing activity. This will move thing forward beyond your competitors. But branding is not just showing a logo and expanding billboard, it’s building customer experience. Public relations may not enough in the future due to enormous media that try to fight over customers attention. That’s why soon, branding is tend to be harder for marketer. A necessary strategy is creating loyalty by customer service portals. While you keep relationship with customers, they will recognize an experience with your customer service and that keep customers aware that how your brand name is valuable and good to participate with.


    3. Gaining customer loyalty


    Given brand maintenance, an activity goes along with giving impressive experience to existing customers. When it keeps last longer, the customers are embraced by customer service conversation and we’re know that people will stick with a good thing and a better choice. That means further marketing promotion will be easy by this hard-working customer care.


    4. Reliable product and service organizing


    In fact, direct communication is effective and efficiency in a distance cooperation. While business is providing products or services, both business and customer need reliable communication to assure that they’re committed to do something together with a right information. From this marketing activity, customer has more comfortable tools to obtain informations from provider and that’s explicit data because it’s on the Internet that they could access whenever they want. Furthermore, business will recognize customers demands explicitly too so that providing products and services is going to be less mistake.


    5. Offer making portal


    When establishing online communication channel for customers, they will acknowledge its existence and they’re going to check an incoming contact and an exclusive promotion. This is chance to make an offer with them in this channel. And the offer made by you is reliable and magnetic for your customers because they know that you’re always there for them if a problem occurs. That means opportunity on marketing activity.


    6. Feedback accessibility


    In customer service, it’s not necessary that customer is only one who could start talking, but you could start connect them first. So, in order to gain actual feedback naturally and friendly, you could ask them directly by a customer service portal that you established. It will not consume a time too much and it’s efficiency.


    7. Customer responsibility awareness


    Social responsibility seem to be wide abstract and people recognize it easily by observation for business social activity (that promoted). It’s superficially decided to be untouchable in sight of customers. When customer connection established, you will come closer to customers and if your business emphasize on providing a graceful customer care, they will absorb worthy experience and is going to know that you’re always taking responsibility on them. Absolutely, it’s increase customer loyalty along with gaining brand worth and value. By roughly inference, customers are going to recognize that your business is responsible for social too.


    8. Make CRM more comfortable


    Customer relationship management plays a significant part in service business and it’s cannot be ignored for every business. Online customer service is available every time when you and your customers need it. No necessary to have to note something important because a reliable information is always there. Moreover, the Internet allows you to contact customer anywhere so you don’t have to be in your office to provide excellent experience. Even customer service via telephone is most popular at this moment, but online customer service is the future.


    9. Leading to customer participation


    In customer service conversation like online messaging, customer will experience customer support explicitly and they’re going to trust on the conversation. Results in tendency to participate in your marketing activity that you ask them in. Moreover, it leads to a continuous connection with customers and means better chance to make them impressed.


    10. Online is more efficiency against phone


    When you’re facing hundred of customers and you have less than 10 employees to help you, in this difficult situation, providing customer service via phone will consume your time and damage enormous budget. Even you could handle it immediately, it’s fixed with customer availability and decision making gap. In the other hand, online customer service allows you to handle numerous customers in the same time. Just send response and wait for replying, you could switch to handle another customer and get back to handle  the previous one on time. A chance to think about useful recommendation and catching offer is more than that via phone. And costs of providing by online portal is near zero which will results in profit and lasting customer relationship.




    By Frederick Consulting

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    January 5, 2014 7:41 PM EST

    These are some great points. Here are some additional basic rules regarding customer service.

    1. Educate your employees

    Good customer service is a team sport. One weak link in the chain can lead to a negative experience that affects your business and your bottom line. Educate employees on your rules for customer engagement. You may want to begin with a set of simple rules, such as be courteous, listen carefully and be prepared to say “yes” rather than “no.” The best way to teach is by example. If you treat your employees well, they’ll be more likely to treat your customers well, in turn.

    2. Seek opinions from your customers

    After you and your employees, nobody knows more about your business than your customers. They can be your biggest fans or your harshest critics. Ask them how you’re doing, what they like about your business and what they don’t like. This isn’t about collecting compliments, so open the channel to all customers. Negative feedback can be especially helpful, though it can be a little uncomfortable. So put mechanisms in place for anonymous feedback, such as a “Contact us” button on your website.

    3. Treat your best customers better

    While all customers deserve to receive courtesy and respect, your long-term and loyal customers merit treatment that goes above and beyond. Special offers, loyalty programs and appreciation events can help give your best customers something extra. Far from alienating new customers, these programs demonstrate that loyalty has its rewards.

    4. Admit mistakes, then make them right

    Nobody’s perfect, and your customers probably understand that. If you make a mistake, acknowledge it, apologize and then move quickly to correct it. Use the opportunity to improve your business processes and let customers know what actions you took to prevent the mistake from happening again. Customers may feel more comfortable doing business with you when they see that you took the problem seriously.

    5. Say “Thank you”

    The key to customer loyalty can be embodied in two simple words: Thank you. Nothing else sets the tone for your relationship with your customers better. Essentially, every “thank you” says, “I appreciate your business and I won’t take it for granted.” And it can be just as powerful whether it’s delivered in person or on a printed page. E-mails, invoices and advertisements are all opportunities to let your customers know how important they are to you.


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    January 5, 2014 10:37 PM EST

    Thank you for great opinions.

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    June 3, 2014 12:09 AM EDT
    For online businesses especially an E-commerce websites online customer service support is relevant so customers can get assistance when they need immediately.
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    September 24, 2014 2:31 AM EDT
    Online customer service is also important as it is another portal to communicate to your customers. Chat and email would be in good use for this purpose. On the other hand, companies are now turning to social media for their businesses. If that would be the case, you need to make sure that you provide a quick response to inquiries as social networking sites receives real-time updates.