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Need sales based app for daily Management

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    June 13, 2013 7:39 PM EDT


    Sales called backbone for business. I am sales person in one MNC so i need app to manage my tasks, work details please share with me if you have any app for sales. My friend Linda suggest me about top ipad Sales Assailant App ( Coming soon ) and other another apps. If you have any suggestion please share with me ..




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    June 21, 2013 3:20 AM EDT

    Hi Bruce,


    Sounds like you need an app that can channel all of your clients, sales reports and other content. We have designed an app for the iPad called Mobile Briefcase. What are app does is allows people to organize, edit and share content easier and securely. We have got this application into the hands of a lot of sales reps already and they have noticed that they are traveling lighter, as they only need the iPad and are dealing with a lot less paper trail. The app is set up to self organize itself and allow the user to easily create different accounts for the different clients they deal with. You have full control on who uses the app, who can view what content and how long it’s available to be viewed.


    The app has a lot of great features that I would gladly walk you through in more detail if you feel this may be of some use to you. You can find more information at our website or connect with us on Twitter at @MobileBriefcase.



    If you wanted to reach out to me directly for more information my name is Kyle Lewis and my email is