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What happened to customer service?

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    November 16, 2012 6:34 AM EST

    I had a recent experience that made me feel like customer service was dead.

    Let me explain: I went to a big name department store and walked into the purse department. As I was walking up to the counter, I could see an employee look directly at me, and then turn around and walk the other way.

    This seemed a bit rude to me, but I decided to let it slide because maybe she’d been waiting a long time to take her lunch or something, I know that it can be hard to work as a retail associate. Well, I stood at the counter quietly and was happy to see a young man scurry over toward me, only to be stopped by the associate who wandered away when I approached. The two struck up a conversation about a third coworker.  And then I began to get irritated.

    I stood there quietly a few more moments before I finally got too annoyed and said, “Excuse me!” at a moderate volume. They didn’t move. They didn’t even stop gossiping about the other coworker! 

    A few more moments passed with me standing at the counter, making eye contact with the young man who was originally on his way to help me. Eventually my anger overtook me and I decided it would be best to simply walk away from the situation. But I really wanted to scream at the both of them that customer service is as simple as asking if there is anything you can do to help the customer. Alas, I did not.

    But I would like to ask all of you, have you ever had a similar situation?

    Have you had a worse one? How did you handle it?

    Stories where you snapped and yelled at someone will help me live vicariously through you lol