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Just saying Hi

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    March 4, 2013 1:01 PM EST

    Hi, my name is Brad and I am on my way to starting machine shop. I am currently in the business planning phase. I have been a machinist for 15 years and now its time for something new. 

    My company is actually going to be more than a machine shop. I am going to manufacture billet idler wheels for snowmobiles. This isn't a large market but I have a few ideas that I believe will grow this market even double it! The start up costs for this kind of work is relatively low ($50,000) but has great revenue potential. All sales will be done through a website which is an area I know nothing about, but I'm learning fast. 

    I look forward to learning from all of you and share my triumphs and failures.


    Be a verb not a noun

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    March 21, 2013 7:59 PM EDT

    Hi Brad welcome to the site and all the best.

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    March 4, 2013 1:41 PM EST

    Hello Brad,

    First, welcome to the forum. I am Yanbi -  a newbie too :D

    I'm interested in this post. hopefully, we can help together


    Nice to meet you!!!

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