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I need to build an E-commerce site...

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    November 5, 2006 8:57 PM EST


    Can you take a look at my website? The address is .  I am really looking for someone to do mainteneance at this point and then create another website that is more user friendly. I would be interested in speaking with you. You can always email me at

    I have a website designer/ maintenence that is so expensive he has my hands tied.



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    November 4, 2006 11:15 AM EST

    I tried a few companies and even interviewed one. They were great on the first phone call but didn`t come through with any follow-up. Found a bad comment about them on so I am back to square one.

    Have heard commotion about website in a box. People have seemed to like that. I have been going to sites and looking at the portfolios, then going to the featured websites and emailing the companies. So far I am still not finding what I am looking for--a great website for nothing

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    April 30, 2012 5:35 AM EDT

    Building an e-commerce website starts with a firm understanding of who the end user will be. The latest buzz word in the web development world is UX or user experience.  This concept isn't all that new but companies are now starting to take the user's experience online very seriously and are building websites and applications that meet exact needs not what upper management believes are the user's needs.

    If you are just starting out in e-commerce I would recommend working with one of the top, hosted e-commerce providers like Shopify orBigcommerce.  While you will be paying a monthly fee along with a percentage of each sale, Shopify and other providers will handle all of the payment processing, provide very well designed store templates and stay on top of things like PCI Compliance and security allowing you to focus on selling your products or services.

    Hopefully you will outgrow a hosted solution and will be in the position to hire a firm to build out a customized e-commerce solution, exactly tailored to your customers' needs.

    Here are two hosted providers that I would recommend anyone check out when planning to build an e-commerce site.  Both will offer a free trial so you can setup a store and see how things work prior to any committment.



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    November 2, 2006 11:31 PM EST

    If keeping costs down is vital, perhaps you should consider a two stage approach to getting the business online.

    Why not start with a brochure-style website, make sure you have access to good stats for the site. Create a few pages featuring products then go to work promoting these online.

    The beauty of this approach is that a brochure site has much lower setup costs so you can test the market and find out how much investment (in time or money) it`s going to cost to get a decent SE position. Once you have some solid stats indicating that investment in ecommerce infastructure is going to be worth it, you can confidently make the jump to the higher costs.

    I don`t want to prescribe to you what those stats should be, so I`m going to start another thread that asks the question "When are my stats sufficient for ecommerce".

    I know this seems like a much slower route to market, but the truth is a lot of ecommerce sites struggle to pay for themselves, so in the interests of stable financials, please think carefully about whether you want to spend the extra money up front.

    Remember also that at the moment it sounds like you are quite rightly focussing heavily on how to get an ecommerce system at the lowest price. But there are a lot of important criteria in choosing an ecommerce system, and these will become apparent as you build your online presence.

    In conclusion the advantages to this approach are...
    1/ You don`t incur costs for an ecommerce site that isn`t yet performing...
    2/ You don`t invest in an ecommerce site that doesn`t properly fit your needs.

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    March 28, 2012 9:34 PM EDT

    hi instead of going through web site developer there are many online providers found that design the web site based on your needs .to build a web site visit here they provide e-commerce solution  which
     help you to create a online store easily through which you can sell your products .here they provide you free product catalog and  hosting.all you must do is just select your design ,add your product details , start selling your products.i hope it will be helpful to you .

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    March 19, 2011 4:05 PM EDT

    There is a site that is all e-commerce web designers called