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Go-Green Business Cards

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    March 24, 2009 10:11 AM EDT
    Business cards going green, in today’s society it seems that everyone is doing their part to conserve the environment, the government is doing their part by converting most of their forms to an electronic medium, even the IRS is doing their part with their e-file program. But, the most often overlooked waste is the business card, one deck of 500 card weight stock business cards is equivalent to one-half realm (or 250 sheets) of 20lbs copy paper.

    If you are Earth conscious then you know that of all the office supplies business cards are the most used and often the most discarded, what a waste. Now, imagine a service that allows you to convey the same information contained on a business card, without the paper. CardWerkz offers such a service. Instead of paper business cards, have texted business cards. The service allows the same information contained on the business card, but it is delivered via text messaging, thus saving thousands of trees.

    One of the main obstacles cited when discussing business cards is the old adage that they convey the professionalism of the business, but a text business card states that the business offering this form of communication is green conscious. The main goal of any business card texted or printed is to provide contact information, but to say that the business also cares about the environment says a lot more.

    There are many advantages to having a green business card the biggest being saving the environment, but wouldn’t you like at the end of a presentation to have a PowerPoint slide that say “To Get My Business Card Text (your company keyword) To (cardwerkz short code).” This allows you to spend more time talking about your product or service, and less time lugging around a stack of business cards making sure everyone gets one before they run out.

     In the near future there will be a time when all forms of communications will be transmitted by electronic means, but this process has to start with the simplest of ideas, and that’s the goal of the texted business card.

    For more information on ways to save the environment, visit your favorite search engine and research going green. To start your business using an environmental friendly business card visit the CardWerkz website at

    bizwerk3/24/2009 4:09 PM
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    June 4, 2010 3:58 AM EDT

    Thanks for all of the great information on green business cards.  I believe that using Green recycled business cards can help out our environment tremendously.  I have been using a website called ZimmZang for all of my Green Business cards.  I believe that the go green contribution with business cards can help turn around and save billions of trees.  Just a recommendation! Cool