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How to Abandon Group and Launch Solo?

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    December 17, 2013 8:11 PM EST



    I've just decided to launch a business that I developed for three months in an entrepreneurship course at my college. For the course we were randomly assigned a group, and now that I've decided to launch the idea myself with an outside partner (in real life, outside of the course), it makes for a really awkward situation when I tell the old group members "hey, I'm launching this, either you join and give your 100% effort or sign this paper saying you're not going to claim any profits or anything in the future". It's hard to say that to acquaintances and friends. 


    I've just started a vlogging channel on YouTube where I'll be vlogging about my progress. If anyone wants to learn more about my project, give me tips and pointers, or share their own vlogging channel that would be amazing. I would love all the help I can get, and if anyone has any advice about abandoning the group please let me know.


    Thanks so much :)