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sourcing service

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    December 16, 2013 2:11 AM EST

    Referring to sourcing, most of people always thinking that contact directly with factories to ensure the lowest cost. But after a period, customers may back to sourcing agent because of low efficiency, bad communication and difficult understanding from factories.


    Hey, I’m a sourcing agent work as a freelance inShenZhen,China. I have 10 years experience in International trade. I can help customers to do the following job based on commission. I’m a high efficency, responsible and honest person. I am a loyalty person and will not taking unknown commission from factory. If you want to start a business relationship withChina, Please contact me via windlyvv at hotmail dot com  Trust me, maybe just begin from a small deal first.


    1. Factory sourcing 

      2. Contract preparation 

      3. Private label manufacturing 

      4. Orders follow-up 

      5. Quality and quantity inspection 

      6. Cargo consolidation 

      7. Customs clearance and delivery 

      And also: 

      1. Warehouse service. 
      2. Small order buying service and other field sourcing service. 
      3. Buy from Taobao or nativeChina websites. 



    PS. 1% of our net profit will be always donate to the poor people inChina.