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If you need technical skills, we can help you find it.

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    November 10, 2013 10:49 PM EST

    Leet Hire | Freelance Sourcing
    A new, small, online service to help people with their start-up ideas. 
    We are all working on our own individual projects and we all have a vision for what our end goal will look like. The biggest issue is that, we do not possess all the necessary technical skills to see our ideas to fruition. For this, we need assistance and for assistance, we need to browse the various facets of the internet to hire the help we need. Our service, Leet Hire, takes the tedious task of this search and provides an easy alternative that will allow you more time to focus on the other details of your projects.

    Save yourself some time and money, by letting us connect you with the appropriate channels to service your needs. Simple, easy and cost efficient.
    Visit our website
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    November 11, 2013 10:30 AM EST

    I checked out your web site and wanted to give you some feedback.  your post here was more informative and presented what your company does better then your website did.  Bigest aspect is the font size its too small and blends into the page so finding out what you do is difficult.


    Its like a dark grey on a light grey background.


    Also include some graphices.  You are selling your ability to make connections. include some that show that.


    Best of luck


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    This post was edited by twhansbury at November 11, 2013 10:31 AM EST
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    November 11, 2013 5:37 PM EST

    Thank your for the insightful critique.

    We will focus on providing a more visually appealing and informative experience for future visitors.


    Thank you again. 

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    November 29, 2013 6:01 AM EST

    Thanks to share nice post here.