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How To Become SuccessFul At Anything (need help validating idea)

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    October 24, 2013 2:47 PM EDT

    Hello StartupNation!


    My name is William Shaker and I am a 13-year online business veteran. For the past decade, I've been involved in the online retail business sector. However, today, my #1 goal is to help Entrepreneurs reach new levels by inspiring and motivating them to success. My plan is to teach Entrepreneurs (new or seasoned) everything I've learned for myself in the last 13 years.


    Currently, I blog and I have a weekly podcast on iTunes called The Endless Possibilities Podcast -- you can also check out my interviews with Entrepreneur On Fire and Mixergy here.


    With that said, I am developing a group coaching program called "How to become successful at anything you attempt" in business and in life. This program will be a 6-week online course that will help you improve every aspect of your life. I truly believe that success is inward out and that's why I have come up with these topics totaling over 8 hours of audio/video:


    1. Your Life Module

    2: Your Mindset Module

    3: Your Habits Module

    4: Your hardware (body/health) Module

    5: Your Character Module

    6: Your Software (education/mental health) Module

    7: Your Growth Cycle Module

    8: Your Imagination Module

    9: Your Relationships Module

    10: Your Goals Module

    11: Your Purpose Module

    12: Your Resilience Module

    13: Your Operating System


    Would you guys be interested? Please hit reply and let me know why you would or would not want the course.


    Whatever price I set, everyone on who participates will get it 50% off. Here is a short 4-question survey I created to help me with the validation process

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