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Need advice on how to make my new site a business

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    June 12, 2012 9:13 AM EDT

    I  am in the process of completing my new website which is

    I haven't purchased the domain yet but will be soon.. The site will be a poltical social network, allowing members to debate in forums, use it to learn more about politics and how to engage in politics. The name of the site is DEBATE, what do you think of that my options wer'e between DEBATE or ENGAGE What do you guys prefer or do you have any other suggestions? The site isn't complete yet but my intentions are to add a online store with things such as books, maybe dvd's that would be useful in politics, and work on a commission base. I am only 17 and not sure how to do this though.. If you have checked the site out and have any suggestions that would be great! Would like to know how I can turn it into a profitable business through advertisments etc?