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Critique Our Website

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    July 8, 2013 9:53 AM EDT

    you need to update your website with fresh and unique content. also do quality seo work.

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    July 8, 2013 10:50 AM EDT

    Hi WM. Well, it's a clean website, so that's good.  It doesn't seem too crowded or confusing.  But I would suggest a couple of things... first, you should probably change the sidebar widget title from "Recent Jobs" to "Recent Posts" or the like.  I also noticed that your social media icons are not linked to their respective pages, so that should be changed.  And on an SEO level, your meta title tag is not optimized and you're missing the meta description tags, which will kill your rankings in the search engines.  So I'd make sure to add unique title and description tags for every page of the site.  Hope that helps.

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    July 8, 2013 12:15 PM EDT

    As a pro, I agree with the other Pro, TouchPoint, on most of what he said, except "Recent Jobs" is appropriate for a contractor.  What I really DON'T like is the slightly cheesy overall color and look, like somebody in India did it on some modified template.  Maybe it's not, but it has that look.

    It does not look appealing, like those craftsmen contractors that show some elegant work and homes, etc.  Actually showing THEIR work, their people in action.  One of these images just looks like Obama's little brother hanging out in front of a house.  WHAT is that?  How is that relevant?  Are they happy because????  

    The slogan  We make space more conspicuous  means NOTHING but is a bit scary, like your website.  People buy on subtle clues, like does this guy have the ability to make the place look realllly nice.  if he can't make his site look nice, I can't trust him to advise or watch fine details that matter.  You see, it's about thinking like Your CUSTOMER!!  Which is what we preach at , and getting your focus and strategy right.

    There is a glaring irritating clash of the Logo and the standard blue and red.  Nothing is worse than a bad match.

    The colors are mostly mismatches, irritatingly.  The letters in the banner don't match the website.

    The banner or flash area looks strange, with the buttons on top of the Letters on the left, and it's just TOO BUSY, too gimmicky and just distracts some and does not look "quite right". 

    The  orangey buttons don't match anything but the hardhat, sorta-nope, doesn't.

    I am so sick of the Faddish pale grey letters I could scream.  They are pase', and hard to read (what matters).

    The home page put me off so much that I could not bring myself to go beyond the home page.  I was afraid what I'd find, like the owner of a really old house that has foundation and plumbing problems.  I don't want to know.

    Your long title or heading in the bottom should be in Bullets under  SPECIALTIES:   

    Your top paragraph would be better as bullets or small paragraphs.  Nobody reads a paragraph over 5 lines tall anymore.

    Your focus and image are not clear and when I see "team of self-motivated, qualified contractors", I would close your window, not hire you to fix mine.   Whatever you are trying to say, it says you hire out the work, to me. 

    WhatT.H. are the stars for on the Testimonials (the only thing that really matters besides what you do).

    Assuming you want traffic and conversions, people to buy, I see no attention to design for either organic nor paid promotion.   That is a major choice that a top professional web designer (both of them) will urge you to make, based on your staffing, resources and budget.   What?  None of their business?  Do you know more about the internet than experts?  Since most experts don't understand it well, how does management of a contracting business?

    Too many managers and entrepreneurs go on what someone told them, like the IT guy, or a friend.  That is not only not clever, it means about 4 or 5 years of finding out your website doesn't sell and a lot of people, including in house, don't even like it.  See    Common Website Design Mistakes, at   (copy paste into browser top)

    After all that, I'd say it's a very good try, but the foundation was off square 2 inches and the concrete sat in the truck too long in the truck on this one, and the paint really doesn't match and the walk-up appeal is .. well just  Conspicuously unappealing.  In sum, it lacks finesse and class, and doesn't communicate well., doesn't inspire confidence.

    Good luck fixing it.   It would get by for a couple of months until then.

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    July 8, 2013 3:56 AM EDT

    Hello everyone, new to the website so figured this would be a great first place to start.  open to critiques



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