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My story is missing a key character

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    July 7, 2013 2:53 AM EDT

    You seem really good at creating copy but I am not sure your story is all that compelling. Having first move advantage in website affiliate marketing does not really create any lasting value. Further, $4,600 in sales a month does not really entice investors given that you market is extremely limited.

    If you are really interested in finding some investment - start in your local community and seek local investment there from other local professionals that are not seeking huge markets and want to give back locally.

    However, having said all that, your $4,600 a month will support a small business loan for the amount you seek. It will allow you to go it alone and not give away 50%, 60%, 70% or more of your company to an investor while you do all the work.

    Nice story - I just hope it is more than just a short story.

    Business Money Today - Small Business Loans

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    July 5, 2013 9:48 AM EDT

    Hi all, this is going to be lengthy, but it is worth the read if you are an investor, or would consider such a thing.

    It's been a tough 2 years.  Got divorced, lost everything I own (literally, no joke), was homeless, but always focused on creating a way through it all.  Yes, creating a way through it.  Anyway, I got a job finally again working for a guy in town doing some website creation and programming, it is what I like to do .  I knew it was a dead end job, but I needed it in order to get the tools back in my life to create, and so I did.  That job ended, but I was already well on my way to establishing myself.

    6 weeks ago I created a new class of website, (maybe not NEW, but certainly I have almost no competition).  I am not going into details here because I am not looking to create competition lol.  Basically, what you need to know is this.

    First 4 weeks, $4600 in sales, cost of goods: 0, advertising expenses, $3200.  Profit, $1400.  Community size: 7,000.  Number of sites: 3.

    The past 2 weeks, $2800 in sales, cost of good: 0, advertising $1200. Community size, over 13k, 7/3/13 added 6 new sites to the group, cross property advertising is great.

    The sites are already page 1 ranked in google for their keywords, and things are going great.  I am going to start selling banner space, currently 6 weeks after the launch, I am displaying 400k default banners per day!  Alexa rankings on the original 2 sites are <50k

    And THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING.  My master plan has over 50 more revenue streams, and since I am the developer, I work it for "free" haha


    All looks great right?  so why am I looking for funding?


    Competition.  someone else out there will eventually copy my idea and have the funding to go big with it.  

    But I am the one who created it and I WANT TO BE THE BIG.

    I am looking for $50,000+ and assistance making this thing a company, and not just a sole prop.  Funds will be used to grow the communities and revenues.  As you can see, my advertising dollars are already being well spent, but I just do not have the funds to blow these things up big as fast as I would like.

    As for what you get in return... I am flexible, but not stupid, and at the end of the day, I will go it alone before I partner with someone who seems even the slightest bit shady.   


    If you have suggestions for me, feed back, ideas, etc, please share!