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Mkt Ready Shipping Solution Needs Skilled Partners

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    June 1, 2010 11:19 AM EDT

    Over the past year we have enhanced our shipping software product known as CPS to better meet the needs of today’s Internet retailer in a challenging market.  This effort has taken all of our resources to complete.  Most of the changes came as a direct result of listening to our customers’ needs, market research and through the information and ideas collected on-line at communities like SuN.  I am very excited to say that CPS now does some really fabulous new things to help today’s struggling businesses.  Naturally CPS ships your products fast and efficiently via UPS, FedEx, USPS, Endicia Internet postage and others, but that is a given.  The difference is that CPS now helps businesses in our tough economy.  Some of the great new problem solving features includes cutting shipping costs, increasing sales, expanding market size, greatly decreasing shopping cart abandonment and decreasing the environmental impact of delivering products.  We priced CPS to be affordable to all.  We also created a new web site ( to better explain the problem solving benefits of using CPS.  A new Savings Calculator even lets visitors to our new web site estimate the savings they might see by using CPS.  But I am getting carried away.   This is background information, so please forgive me if this almost reads like an advertisement.  I guess you can tell I am very excited about this.

    Now that we have this exciting new solution, we need business partners to help us get the word out, to sell the product, and help Internet retailers to install it.  I know there are many very talented business members at SuN with many looking for new ways to make money.  Now that we have greatly enhanced CPS, we need entrepreneurs to help us sell, train, integrate and install it at customer sites.  We need independent programmers and developers to make interfaces which allow CPS to work with ecommerce and accounting systems.  We need independent technical sales businesses, ecommerce suppliers, web designers, system integration companies and other business partners to help us help Internet retailers install, integrate and use CPS.  Those who are willing to get involved will be able to resell our products at a profit and we will also help them promote their services to our 2000+ daily visitors to our web sites.  For an example of how you will be listed with us, just click on the “Partners” tab at our new web site.

    Now I finally get to my question.  We have spent all our time and effort on our new product and web site.  We now need help getting a way to get our new product to market.  We feel strongly that it can only be done though a business partner network.  Do any of you have any ideas on how we could get this done?


    Bert at Harvey Software, Inc.
    Multi-Carrier Shipping Software and Supply Chain Solutions for Internet Retailers

    Also a provider of free shipping information and resources at Harvey Software`s Parcel Shipping Blog along with free tracking solutions at

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    November 4, 2012 5:29 PM EST

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