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New startup - senior community website

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    July 14, 2013 12:23 PM EDT

    Hi everyone, I am a boomer and I want to create a website for seniors. This will be similar to Angie's List on steroids.  It will be a website that will merge various senior communities into one hub. This will enable users to get to know their neighbors, both from their own community and other senior communities that are within a few miles of each other.

    The goal of this startup is to help seniors. It will have a service provider referral list which will help to shut down the scammers who knock on  seniors' doors, and take their money but don't come back to do the work or finish the job.

    There will be a free membership and a paid membership which will be low but will be needed to cover website creation and maintenance. Service providers will be screened in all different categories.  The paid membership will offer seniors upgraded services which will save them time and grief when looking for service providers. There are more options with the paid membership.

    There will be a lot of different information available to seniors including a talk forum, hot topics, classified section. everything will be free except for the upgraded membership.

    Revenue will be based on sponsored ads that will be focused on senior products and services. 
    Service providers can also advertise to get additional exposure.

    A daily newsletter link will be sent to all subscribers linking them to the website. Here they will see the daily

    hot topic and then they can go to whatever section they want to. Content will be anything that affects

    seniors. Financials, pending legislation, food safety, medical news, medical claims, senior scams, etc. Everything will be together in one easy to find website so seniors will know each day what is going on in their community

    and outside of their community that affects seniors.

    I haven't seen any other website for seniors before like this so I cannot use anything for comparison

    However,  I do think this will be a good thing, as it serves a big need here in this community. Seniors are

    constantly being harrassed by scammers and so-called handyman that scour the neighborhood. This also

    affects legitimate service providers which cuts into their profits. My goals are to help seniors, help service

    providers find work, as long as they they meet the criteria set forth. Also to provide a 

    place where seniors can meet their neighbors in a safe online community. This is especially needed by

    seniors that cannot leave their houses. It will give them a way to connect to the outside world as long as they

    can log on.

    There is much more that I am working on but it is too long to type here so I am trying to keep it short.

    I know I need help with this startup. I am not sure yet what kind of help, but it is either outsourcing help,

    bartering or finding someone who is interested in partnering up with me to some degree. I have a few people

    who I know would be interested but they don't have the time needed to put the hours in so that doesn't help

    me. There is also a VC interested but I am looking for man hours right now, not money.  If anyone would like to add something, please do. Constructive criticism is welcome also. Right now I am

    just putting my thoughts out here to see what others think of this type of business. Looking forward to some

    feedback, appreciate all comments.  Thanks!  Looking forward to your feedback please!




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    June 11, 2014 9:43 PM EDT
    Hi, I like what you are thinking about doing. I am in the Senior/Market. I built a company from the ground up that is strictly for Seniors. I know this market/pit falls/ and successes. I amin the processes of building out another business/Senior market only. I would love to talk with you, better understand your background, and potentially see if I could help. I am confident that I won't waste your time or mine. Please contact me, my name is J
    and you can reach me I believe through this website. I am in Arizona Thanks