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    October 9, 2012 1:51 PM EDT

    Site looks and works great. I like the above idea of a toll free number or live chat. I would lose the twitter feed, distracting and I am sure it is responsible for slowing the site a little. I would add other feature items in that space. If someone clicks the twitter, they are gone. Keep them on your site.

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    September 27, 2012 4:39 AM EDT

    Hello everybody

    Can you pl provide feedback on Any constructive feedback and critique helps.

    We are looking for feedback specifically on

    1. Usability

    2. Credibility - will you buy merchandise, if not what would you like added.


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    October 1, 2012 12:44 AM EDT

    Very nice design. Why not add a toll free phone # and the livechat?

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