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New to the Forum

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    October 21, 2012 5:35 PM EDT

    Hey, i am new too. nice to meet you

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    September 22, 2012 5:18 AM EDT

    Hi, I have been learning a lot from Startup Nation over the last year..but rarely have time to post, so I wanted to remedy that since I wanted to introduce everyone to the Local Kids Network.

    I started the network (a group of websites for each city that focus on things to do, businesses, and deals) about 2 years ago.  It is different than most directly services since we have the kids do videos of what is going on, talk about the local businesses, and do movie and event reviews.

    About 9 months ago I changed the business model from me doing it in my home w/a staff of other work from home licensing the sites in the towns and suburbs to Local Owners and Licensees for a small monthly fee.  They keep 100% of their profits and maintain and sell the membership listings.  

    About 1 month ago we launched a Local Kids Deals Card and Kids Eat Free, that local kids teams, and non-profits sell the cards as fundraisers and keep $6/$7 for each $10 card.  Area businesses offer Deals when the card is shown and bring in more business, and people come to our sites more to see who new and what Deals are out there with the cards.

    Our Internship, which is coming, will teach teens online about social media, the internet, and business and have them integrate their skills in real life test marketing via the Local Kids Sites in their regions.

    I am passionate about Local Kids..and busy.  We need more exposure, more help, and more licensees around the country.  If you have a moment and believe that our company will be advantageous to local communities and businesses, PLEASE go to the Home Based 100 Business Contest and vote for us under Recession Busters!  It would mean a lot to get recognized and moving in more communities.

    Thank you,

    Tanya Eldert, CEO, Kidrev Inc. Great Opportunities for Local Businesses to Advertise and Local Licensees to run a Local Site in their area! 855-5US-KIDS