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Crazy Coffee Business!!!

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    June 7, 2012 4:12 AM EDT


    My name is Urban and I am comming from Slovenia, Europe. I am working on some long-term project. We are making world wide web store of healty coffee. Just think:

    How many people that you know drink coffee, tea or hot chocolate? EVERYONE! 

    And what is more important - they never forget to drink it in the morning! We have huge opportunity to offer healty coffee to the mass of people, who drink coffee anyway, although the coffee is treated like bad habit.

    We started mostly localy and in few other countries, but I would really like to expand my business also out of my state, even out of Europe. If anybody is prepared to help with this project, I will be pleased if you contact me.

    This will become our passive income in year or two, because company will pay commisions of every coffee drinked at home, in the office, at the hotel, cafeteria,... We really have mass potential of drinkers of coffee. 

    Just in Europe we have potential of 350.000.000 drinkers of coffee. My goal in 2, 3 years is to accumulate 10.000 people who drink coffee each day, not just in Europe.

    Let's say that I make 0,05EUR from one coffee. This would be 500EUR per day, or 15.000EUR per month, if they drink only 1 coffee per day. We all know that people don't drink just 1 per day.
    If I can make 0,01EUR per coffee it won't be bad, but 0,01EUR is really small number. 

    I am happy for any kind of help. If you are ready to help, or maybe you know someone who is. 


    Thank you very much!!

    Best regards