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How do I sell Ad Space in Coupon Shopper

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    May 19, 2013 8:16 PM EDT

    So I've been an analyst in Print Advertising with an Ad Agency for years... Recently the company downsized and I decided to start my own company. I was always amazed at the amount newspapers and magazines charged for ad space vs the cost to print and distribute their media... And I thought it was especially unfair to small neighborhood businesses that often offered great deals but simply couldn't afford the high costs to compete with the bigger corporations. And the only alternative seemed to be flyer printing or newsprint coupon shoppers which were not only very poor quality but also expensive. So I thought i'd set out to become the small business hero and offer extremely affordable print advertising in my free coupon shopper/advertiser at high quantities and very high quality at a cost to fit any small business' budget. I was able to take my connections from my old job to get the lowest possible printing costs and distribution. 

    So I started my company, built a media kit and rate card, had a website built, flyers, business cards, even 100's of copies of sample magazines to show off the quality of our advertiser and sizes of our ads... Basically where Savvy Shopper & Coupon Clipper magazines (if you've ever got those advertisers in the mail) were charging $800 for a 1/4 page ad each month, we were charging $150 for that same ad at the same quantity. 

    So what's my problem- exposure and closing the deal. I was an analyst for most of my career... I never had much sales experience and i assumed that my rates were set so low that I wouldn't have to try to sell that much. But I'm finding that not to be the case. Please give me some advice on what I should do to help sell my ad space. I figured that once I had 20,000 copies of the 7 versions (140,000 copies) on the shelves then small business owners from the various zones (counties) would simply see the quality and rates and the ad space would just sell itself. So I'm desperate now and tonight i lowered my costs even lower to just break even and no profit just to hurry and sell all my ad space so that i can have the publication printed and distributed by June. To give you an idea- I lowered the already low $150 quarter-page ad to just $50. Anyway.. Please Please Please help me out. Any advice would be appreciated... If I confused you about what we do- our site is And if you want to see the quality you can check out the sample of digital version here.


    -The Truth