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Seeking Investor for Tech Product

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    February 26, 2013 7:21 AM EST

    My company is Red Apple Technologies and we focus on design and development of custom covert surveillance products for law enforcement agencies as well as high-end investigation firms.

    In addition, we offer complete security and surveillance solutions for almost any situation, for commercial or home use.

    I am currently in a unique place where I truly am hitting a wall and need a very small amount to bring my main product to market.  Due to the nature of the item, being that it is a covert product, I can not advertise it on a website, print ad, etc.  This requires several demo units as there are several variations of the design to meet many circumstances.

    The amount sought is $5-$8K.  Not a lot and the return would be relatively quick as I have ready leads who are already interested in the products.

    I have companies and agencies waiting on me to set appointments with them but I need the demo units first.  As I do not have enough business credit to get terms with everyone, I need and am seeking help.

    This is a great opportunity and I would even consider letting this investor become a larger part of the future if so desired once the original investment has been paid in full with interest.

    This is a very serious request so please only those with serious interest need to contact me.

    An NDA will be required before any specific product details could be shared.