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    October 2, 2012 12:59 PM EDT

    Hello everybody,

    I currently have, what some might call a controversial website. Why controversial? It is not the products, but I have understandably gotten some heat over the business model and how the market is approached. I just want to be clear so no ones time is wasted here, yours or mine, the business model is not what I am requesting a critique on. We believe in the morality in what we are doing, plain and simple. We are not out to make peoples life miserable, we are out to provide accountability to those who decide to ignore life's basic decency and moral obligations. 

    Sorry, that almost turned into a rant didn't it? I can do that sometimes. Sounds like a blog post waiting to happen huh? On that note, we are currently re-vamping our blog, so it is a mess, I would not even look at although you are welcome to. On to the nitty gritty. Here is the link This is what I am looking for-

    1. Conversion advice- and everything that applies. Call to actions, layout, navigation, and shoot, even color scheme. Any ideas are welcome.

    2. Don't know how to wrap this up in a couple of words but I have been told that the site feels a little cold, un-personable. I guess I am just looking for your opinion on whether it comes across the same way for you. Although it is e-commerce and it is tough to do so through that avenue, if it is fact in the majority true, there is no excuse.

    3. The "About Us", "Common Concerns", and "FAQ" pages- I don't know, for some reason they look cheap, unprofessional to me. Any suggestions are welcome even if it to tell me I am being to critical of my own work. Ha!


    I know that time is valuable. I would very much appreciate it if the time was taken to look over what I have listed. Hell, I will even give you a discount for the pro-bono work (I apologize to the moderater if that is not accepted, if so, strike it) If anything catches your eye, I am open to all suggestions. And be brutal if need be, not mean, just brutal. I can take it.

    Cheers Y'all