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new food product

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    January 15, 2012 10:12 AM EST

    Friend whatever you buy for kids you should check it thoroughly twice.


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    December 19, 2011 2:13 PM EST
    Well, first make it yourself. Offer it at eateries that can test market it for you. If you have a name for the product and you think it is a winner have
    have the name checked for Trademark Availability, domain name availability and corporate name availability. Do research for private label food preparers. Packaging is part of the process. Target the type of establishments that would sell the product. Supermarket, candy store? Create a business plan. What do you bring to market that is unique, let people sample product. Start local if you have to store by store until the packaging and preparation is where you want it to be. The more you research about getting a product into a food store chain the more you will know about costs and the actual possibilities. In the right situation a big established player might be willing to simply buy you out or license out the rights to produce the food item. Afterall, everything is already in place so take a lot of time to make sure the name is catchy and take the steps to protect the take the proper steps to protect the name. A good food item with a good name in place might be a good formula for a big entity to bite
    at the inviting opportunity.
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    February 9, 2012 9:01 PM EST

    Dealing in the food industry is not so easy as you have to fulfill specific standards to sell the food. And to find a market for the product you have to figure out what you want to achieve with it - e.g. is it more a feel-good product, or something practical - that then determines where you can sell it.

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    January 18, 2012 6:14 AM EST

    When making and re-selling food you want to be very careful.  For this project I would actually consult a lawyer and your local health agency.  Is there any local food producers you could talk to about what it takes to release your own food product.  I would look to find an experienced mentor.  How much  money do you have to invest in this food idea?

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    December 8, 2011 5:49 AM EST

    I have an idea for a food product for kids.  Can someone tell me what the first steps are?  Do I find a copacker to make a bunch or do I make a package to put the food in or do I get FDA approval - what are the first steps?  I am so confused.


    thanks so much

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    February 13, 2012 7:59 PM EST
    To ensure food quality and safety!