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Free And Powerful Online Marketing Tools

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    September 18, 2013 12:47 AM EDT

    Well, it looks solid but did any one tryed it out?..

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    September 17, 2013 4:16 AM EDT

    Hello all, Im new to this forum but having read through some of the posts about marketing I thought Id share some tools that can really help out with people who are getting started as well as others who are already enjoying income streams from the interwebz!


    First off,

    Simple Lead Capture Page.

    You will all have seen them and used them at some point but for those who dont know, a lead capture page is designed to "capture" a persons email address and name to add them to your AWeber or other email software account(s).

    The importance of these pages and how they are designed and presented is crucial! Knowing your target audience and what they are likely to look for, and what is likely to put them off can make a huge difference to conversion rates on landing pages. 

    What this tool will do for you is very simple and VERY flexible. Create, save and edit LP's entire for FREE

    Other features of this software are as follows;

    • Insert custom background images or use one of the many HD Pre-sets
    • Edit all text fields (including color, font, style)
    • Insert Videos
    • Links to Aweber or other email software just by pasting the code into the field
    • Track traffic and conversion
    • Page exit plans (pop-ups or redirects)
    • Add your own thank your message and/or page link
    • Built in SEO plugin for Meta words and descriptions
    • Add disclaimers and privacy links
    This tool really is packed with features and it's pretty simple to use once you have gone through the process a few times. 
    REMEMBER always proof test your pages before adding them into your campaign!
    Again something im sure we have all seen online is link shortners and cloaks. This software again is 100% FREE and very simple to use, as well as effective. This is always helpful to have because it will make your links shorter and neater help with twitter (nobody likes limited character space D: ) 
    What does it do?
    • Saves all links to custom menu's (you create your own menu's as you like)
    • Cloaks links either with 301,307, socialmediabar
    • Add pictures for when you post to ensure it looks good and branded
    • Add page titles
    • Add page descriptions
    Iv'e been using this tool for some time, to be honest the best feature for me is having all the links saved in custom menu's saves me a lot of time looking through my list of links to use in various campaigns.
    This little gem is a great one to use, even if your not creating your own video's you can always use this to embed videos from other people, or anything on youtube you wish :)
    What does it do?
    • Generate/Customize embed codes
    • Autoplay
    • Loop
    • Hide Controls
    • Eliminate related videos
    This can be very nice, especially I find for blogging and created content, again 100% free and very simple to get along with once you have your head round it.

    Im not sure if you allow links on this forum since im new to it, however I do apologize if it causes any upset! please feel free to leave any feedback or questions about these tools if you get stuck, Ill be more than happy to help
    Take it easy guys :)

    Tony J Carter - Looking To Start An Online Business? Follow The Link For A Free Video Bootcamp. Tony + Digital Experts Academy