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The fastest 28 Businesses you can start from Home!

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    October 26, 2008 11:09 AM EDT

    o    Fast start up time
    o    Home Based
    o    Non franchised
    o    Complete package
    o    Inexpensive to start (500$ or Less)
    o    One person can run
    o    Expandable
    o    Can be started part time
    o    Minimum Training required

    When we started we were thinking fast start-up would be 30 days or less, but there are several story’s where folks have started a business in less than 48 hours and have started making bank deposits. We have included step by step on how it’s done

    Although not one of the criteria; inexpensive marketing ended up being one of the major factors in the speed of startup and the first cash flow. A Basic marketing plan is shown for each of these start-ups.

    In almost all cases if the folk’s were working when they started the businesses here, they kept their jobs until the money was enough for them to quit the 9 to 5. It was surprising though how quickly people were able to reach that level.

    The conclusion we reached is, that starting a business quickly really didn’t factor in whether or not it was successful, mater of fact we show a guide pretty much followed by each of these biz start’s, we have called it the quick start guide, go to

    --- Our current foucus is 28 businesses that can be started for under 500$ Use the code "Nation10" for 10$ off your purchase