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New Business Idea, What Do You think?

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    January 24, 2013 9:17 PM EST


    Hi Tom!

    I am a web surfer type of a guy (I use Google a lot to find answers to specific questions I have in mind), but I’ve never come across a website that is aimed in the direction you want to take, so I guess that will take your idea on top of the board. And I have friends asking me how I got things set up, too, so I guess there is really an empty space on the Internet you and your ideas can fill in. I remember answering questions like why a dedicated setup benefits one over shared.




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    January 18, 2013 9:59 AM EST


    Hi Guys,

    Over the last few years I have set up a couple of business from scratch and each time I have been surprised at the number of questions I have from others interested in doing the same regarding the IT infrastructure and computer based systems that I use to cut costs, increase profile and give the impression of a fully-fledged company while still in start-up mode.


    I have noticed from previous research that there is an abundance of advice on how to start a business e.g. concept design, writing a business plan, securing funding etc but I found nothing that was geared toward someone who has a product/service and is ready to start operating that simply breaks down what systems they will need to set up and operate the business on a daily basis and how they can easily set these up themselves and save money and time in the process. I found that most people looking to start up their own small business dont have a strong IT background or any previous experience or knowledge of what software, tools and processes are required to operate in a correct and professional manner.


    After quite a lot of trawling through the internet along with my own trial and error I have managed to get this down to a fine art and have helped a few friends get set up to operate their small business too. This got me thinking and after a bit more online research I thought it would be great if there was a resource available that broke down the software, online systems and tools that make starting a business a simple step by step process that anyone can do themselves and at a very minimal cost - no paying expensive consultants! 


    This is where you all come in as before looking into product creation I thought I would be useful to qualify the idea with other likeminded individuals, business owners and/or people otherwise looking or interest in starting their own business. In a nutshell these are the generally topics I am looking at covering off:


    Domain Hosting and Setup

    Email Hosting and Setup

    Required Software

    Data Storage and Back Up

    Phone Services (VoIP or other)

    Website Design, Building and Hosting (using an online builder)

    Online Credit Card Merchants

    SEO and Online Website Tools

    Social Networking Sites

    Customer Relationship Management

    Cloud Accounting Software

    Tips and Tricks I’ve Learnt


    I would really appreciate some feedback on the topics and whether or not you would find a 'how to' guide on this information useful and a viable product/website to take to market? At this initial stage I am thinking of pricing this around the $40 - $50 range.


    Thanks in advance!