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Say "Hi" to fellow inventors

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    August 17, 2007 9:43 AM EDT

    Being a engineer at Silicon Valley for more than a decade, I worked and still working on interesting projects.


    I had jointly created the first US CD-ROM drive design;

    Created VCD/DVD player at front of tide;

    Worked at ReplayTV (like Tivo);

    Worked at Cisco…



    Then I thought it’s time to challenge myself and see if I can invent something new, something useful for mankind, I have been thinking like a inventor since.


    I filed couple of patent applications, few got granted, a few still pending. And I try to put them into use. That’s why I am here, to fulfill my latest invention: U-Star.


    I and my friends are trying to found a startup company to fulfill this idea, and eventually drive this company to go IPO; yet we are still at funding stage. If you are interesting to find out what it is, check out my profile.


    Anyway, just stopby and say hi.Hope all our dreams come true.