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Want some discussion and input here..

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    January 11, 2013 6:38 AM EST



    So i came into this site as i searched for places where i could find like minded people to discuss my idea, well it is more than an idea at this point.. as we are 1 week away from launch.

    But as i have been in this type of business the past 4 years, our company has built some really nice and unique products. Actually we have built a automated factory to sell ready to go magento stores, joomla websites and a online office solution. So it is 3 different products from one "factory"

    What our system does,  it enable anyone to sell ecommerce solution all complete, exellent designed websites and also a great online office. All from the largest opensource solutions.

    So lets say you had this facotry we have built, you would offer these products 1, 2 or all of them.

    Your customer goes to your website, browse design, functionalities they want..add add.. order and recive the order in your admin. Our system will then install all the customer ordered automaticly on your approval. All from the joomla or magento system to design, integrations, modules, componenets..whatever it is the system install all in one click.

    This means basicly that you dont need any skills other than sales.

    So the reason we have built this system is to offer people from all over the world a unique way to work from homw, or office if they like:-) With a turnkey factory.

    We even have a large network behind to take on special developments and support. So you can actually just sell. We even made the system so you can install modules in both joomla and magento AFTER the customer have their site up and running..all from your admin you can just go in your customer list..choose wich customer that want something added..add install..voila.

    So now we want to hear what people say about our web auto factory:-)

    Hope i explained it ok..just ask if i need to make it more clear...then i will:-)