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Honest blog about starting a web-startup from scratch

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    July 22, 2008 4:50 AM EDT
    Hey SUNers,

    The web project I posted about a couple of months ago ( has recently gone from a one-person effort (me) to an eight-person team and is gaining some real momentum.

    One of our members thought I should start a blog series about what it`s like being the founder of a web-startup and how we are bringing our dream to market.

    So that`s what I`ve begun to do:

    It will be a very honest, revealing look into what we are doing and how we`re doing it, and why. Hopefully it can help you avoid our mistakes and capitalize on our successes in your own web startup.

    Do let me know if it`s helpful, and if there`s any particular topic you want me to write about! And if you do find it helpful, please subscribe to our RSS feed.

    Good luck and go get `em!

    Thanks everyone,

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