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TopFreeClasses site

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    October 29, 2012 6:25 PM EDT

    Hello, everyone!

    Here is my story. Not sure if you heard about MOOC ( massive open online courses ) and such names as coursera, udacity, edx.  They're complete courses from IVY league universities available online for free. MOOCs are growing pretty fast changing the  future of higher education. A month ago,  my husband and I created  that is combined list of MOOC courses with ratings and reviews. Today it's already about 300 courses, in a year it will be thousands. Reviews would be helpful to push the best classes on top of the list. 

    Unfortunately, I'm not very social(haven't used much facebook, twitter and other social networks), and I hate spamming people. How to spread the word? Also, we see some traffic, but not many reviews. Maybe there is something wrong with usability? Please take a look at the site. Any feedback would be highly appreciated.



    Thank you!