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Reducing part time hours

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    April 2, 2013 1:43 PM EDT

    Hey everyone,

    New to the forums but need some help.


    I have an employee who really isn't all that good but she gets along with a couple of our clients so we would like to keep her on but reduce her hours from 25-30 to 10-15.  We have had complaints about her from some clients so she can no longer with them so this is the main reason for the reduction in hours also he had he in the office doing some work but we really need a self starter and we have given her enough chances she just isn't up to the task.... 

    We have hired another person to take over the hours we cut, she is great and is exactly what we need!!!.

    We just got a call from the unemployment office saying Employee 1 is filing a partial claim.   what can we do?  how will this impact us?  should we just fire her because of the issues we have and be done with it? 

    any advice would help

    We are new to this...  I guess this is a learning experience...