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American Express Small Businss Forum Live Webcast Tonight

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    November 16, 2006 8:57 AM EST

    Wasn`t sure where to post this but a friend of mine works for an advertising agency that does some of their work so she sent me a link to this and said to pass it on. Might be inspiring to some!

    If you know any small business owners, please send them this invitation to
    watch "Standing Out in the Crowd," a live webcast from American Express.

    It airs today (November 16th) at 8:00 p.m. EST and is free for anyone who
    is interested. Just register at

    The event promises to be both lively and enlightening, with Mario Batali
    (famed NYC restaurateur), Liz Lange (high-fashion maternity wear) and the
    founders of Blue Man Group (you know them) talking about what they’ve done
    to stand out. Financial expert, author and TV personality Jean Chatzky
    hosts the show.

    Viewers will get great insights into subjects like differentiating a
    business, creating awareness and demand, and maintaining momentum. They’ll
    also be able to interact on-line, submitting questions and comments for
    discussion, and participating in real-time polls.

    Remember, it’s free. And it`s for every small business owner who wants to
    stand out — which pretty much includes all of them. So please forward this
    invitation to your small business friends now.

    Put some junk in your trunk!