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Four Crucial Types of Content Marketing Strategies

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    August 24, 2011 8:32 PM EDT

    Now these are the tips i have been looking for. Thanks for sharing. :D Being a writer and all, content is very much needed. 

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    August 24, 2011 12:19 PM EDT

    Content has been talked about so much over the past few years. If you are relatively new to the online business world, then you may not be aware that there is a specific way to successfully provide content on your website or blog. If you already have a significant amount of content on your website or blog, then it is time to analyze the content you are providing to your prospects and clients.

    It is important to view your content materials as if you are an author writing chapters for a novel. Make sure your content is in line with the list of keywords orkeyword phrases that prospects will put in a search engine. The content you provide should not be random and chaotic. It is important to have an overall theme in mind for your readers. Basically, your content must create a big picture that will produce a following of people that care about the content you provide.

    Content is the key to be successful with building relationships with people.

    It is a guarantee that people will check you out on-line, so make sure people find out more about you and your business other than your website. It is important to participate in on-line communities and expose yourself and your business. Keep in mind that there are many different ways to distribute your content to build more credibility. Your prospects are going to be interested in different formats of your content. You can provide your content via articles, podcasts, webinars, ebooks, and video.


    There are at least four types of content that must be part of your overall content marketing strategy. I have provided the four different types of content below to help you use valuable content as a marketing tool that will turn your prospects into long term clients.

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    I would love some feedback on any other types of strategies you may use for your business. Thanks so much for being an awesome community.

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