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Three basic principles for mobile website Design

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    February 7, 2012 8:45 PM EST

    Design for mobile website and application are quite different than that of computer or laptop. Different internet technology gets used to provide mobile browsing and properties of gadgets are also different to view the web. SO below I am explaining three basic principles of mobile website & application design.


    Think of size: As for general website design, you can have a large screen size of 14 or more bur for mobile, you have limited size which users can see to view your website. So designing mobile website, size should be the main concern and you must arrange and placed things which are most important and which are most needed.


    Think of Platform: You must have to consider mobile device property. What resolution, common screen size, the way they can access the website. Touch screen phone doesn’t have much problem viewing website from different view where mobile device with keypad, they have one single button to access and view different portion of website. You must think about this while designing the layout.   


    Think of accessibility: As I have said, it has different internet technology to access internet. The file or object you use for mobile websites, must be compressed one and can be loaded quickly without making the extra load on mobile bandwidth.