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website management and analysis tools

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    January 20, 2012 5:14 PM EST

    Once you finish web design and development of your website and make it launch, your responsibilities don’t finish here. Continuous analysis of working of your website is required for better performance and you have to manage it regularly. Here I am listing some free website management tools which you can use.




    Google Webmaster tools:  it is most known tools to keep an eye on your website performance and working with the help of these tools, you can able to find broken links on your website, kind of server errors of site, no. of internal links and external links, keywords in the content and can analyze factors related to your website maintenance.




    Google Analytic tool:If you are doing promotion of your website and want to analyze the impact of those activities in your traffic, this is tool for you to use. At sign up you need to add Javascript code provided by this tool to see the traffic. You can analyze the different properties of your traffic like no. of visitors, source of visitors, geo location of visitors, avg. Time visitor spend on your website and other important matrices.




    Cross Browser testing; It is important that your website gives equal experience to all users regardless of browser they use. This tool would guide you how you can achieve best result with different browser and what external setting require adding.




    Website security testing: When any malware virus attacks on the functionality of the website or any person tries to hack your site and if you want to get instant notification, it would provide detail analysis on how it effects on your website and suggestion to remove it.




    Server Error Testing:  Sometimes due to some server errors, visitors can’t able to view your website. Errors like bandwidth limit exceed, server not found, forbidden need to be monitored on regular base. These tools would notify you when these errors would occur.




    You would be able to get all these tools at or by searching on google or other search engine.