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I love being a Boomer, but times have changed

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    October 3, 2008 11:20 AM EDT
    Here I was going through life looking forward to retirement when I lost my husband and I found myself signal again and in need of a job.  Because I had over 20 years as a police officer, I decided to put my investigation skills to good use and became a licensed private investigator with a PI agency.  Earlier this year, I met with some ladies, who like me, were signal (they lost their husbands to younger women, but that is another story).  To make a long story short, Confadate was formed.  Confadae is a web site devoted to mainly women`s safety (yes, guys too) We offer affordable and legal background checks women who are dating. I mean, after all, the last time I went on a date Jimmy Carter was in the White House and a mouse was what the cat brought home half dead.  Things have changed!  I feel we need a place to get help if we want to make informed decision, not only when dating, but if faced with personal hiring, like getting a handyman to fix the stove or leaky water pipe.  This is as fairly new idea, but in networking it is well received.  What say you? 
    In August, Confa-tips was added to the site. Each month I will post an article on personal safety. If you do visit the site, please click on the Confa-tip tab.  I welcome any suggestions for future articles.  Oh yea, the address is

    Confadate for your peace of mind.


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    October 3, 2008 1:40 PM EDT
    I love what you are doing. I wish you much Success!! I think that there is a huge need for what you offer and ANYONE who is investing in hiring a contractor, employee or their "love", should consider your services!!

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