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Taking on staff when you cant pay yourself a wage

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    February 24, 2013 9:26 AM EST

    Just wanted a second opinion, is it sensible to take on a part time member of staff when you as the boss cannot take a proper salary.

    My husband is running a small business and has done for 5 years (2 years part time 3 full time), it is growing at a good rate, but the margins are small, as it's online retail. He is working all the hours 7 days, and thinks that someone to help will enable him to grow the business as he will have more time on his hands.

    The person he has taken on is not the fastest worker and from what I can see is not doing much good, although he thinks given time he will (he has been working for him for 2 months), it's only 2 days a week, but thats alot when you consider my husband is only paying himself $1200 a month, he earned $45000 when he was employed so we have had a huge salary drop the last 3 years

    It's driving me crazy as I am having to work like a mad woman on my small business to pay the health insurance/household bills,  is his strategy a good one? and am I just being stupid and not looking at the long term benefits of taking on staff.