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Build your MASSIVE Email List.

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    May 22, 2013 9:42 AM EDT

    Hi everybody,


    There's a Brand NEW giveaway event

    happening right now that's sure to

    SURPASS all other giveaways of it's



    But before I tell you more you may

    want to take a seat and prepare

    yourself for this.


    You ready? okay!


    Kerry Russell is back and this time

    she's flying solo.


    Why is that SO important?


    Great question! Let me explain.


    Just last year Kerry joined forces

    with Stephanie Mulac, the undisputed

    queen of giveaways.


    Together they added THOUSANDS of

    subscribers to their partners lists

    and paid out $1000's in commissions.


    And now, Kerry's back to do it all

    again in the May Day Giveaway 2013!


    But this time she's armed with insider

    secrets that no other giveaway host

    knows about...


    PLUS all the knowledge and experience

    she gained from working with Stephanie

    in the annual Ultimate Social media



    Meaning this is YOUR opportunity to add

    HUNDREDS of hungry, targeted subscribers

    to your list.



    And I for one, am honored to be the bearer

    of such GOOD news...



    If you think you are excited now, just wait

    until you hear about the prizes Kerry is

    offering, that are GUARANTEED to make this

    event a mega-successful one...


    And I think it's safe to say that her success

    is YOUR success!!!



    Giveaways have been PROVEN time and time

    again to help savvy entrepreneurs build 

    MASSIVE lists - FAST!


    Especially when it's backed by an EXPERT

    with a track record of running mega

    successful events.


    You have NOTHING to lose and so much to

    gain, like building a MASSIVE list!!!


    As always, it's FREE to join but I would

    strongly encourage you to look at the

    optional upgrade offers that WILL increase

    your visibility to an avalanche of highly

    targeted subscribers - not to mention hungry



    Here's To Your Success In 2013!

    Sofia Pacifico


    P.S. This event only last for a few weeks,

    so take advantage of this list building

    opportunity while you can!