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Billion $ industry+Brand new health care products

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    November 4, 2012 11:13 AM EST

    Good day to all the great people here at Startup Nation, glad to be a part of this community. My name is Alvaro and I lead a group of designers who share a common desire to provide a product and service we truly feel proud of, making massive profit while at it thus allowing us to reach financial freedom. We have a series of products for everyday use and for everybody to use, and by everybody we mean people that uses toothbrushes, contact lenses, daily medications, people that are sexually active, just around everybody. As young entrepreneurs we have reached a financial dead end where we would like to invite investors to become a part of our new stage, manufacturing. Each of our products will cost less than a dollar to be made and will be sold for at least 3, we can do this since there are no competitors and no other things in the market like what we have, nothing but the need for them. Depending on how much money we get for this stage that will be how many store shelves we can hit and there is no doubt we will continue to sell out every time we make a new batch in our race to become larger and global. If you would like to know more because you're interested in what we might have as an investment then please contact, the professional relationship we will build will be second to none and it is in our interest to produce massive income to both our team of designers as well as our investors. Thanks in advance.

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    November 12, 2012 5:05 AM EST

    With all sincerity I would like to thank you for your time replying to my post. We are obviously looking for investors but this post was made for us to try to get some help in reaching people that might be interested in getting involved in something that's starting from scratch that has lots of appeal and potential, not just tell people give us 50 grand and you'll get %10 of the company or something of that nature. Please understand we're trying to keep the amount of information we release very limited since, well, nobody can stop somebody with some money to try to take it to where we want with some other name or just trying to copy what we have.

    As far as what we understand or don't understand about anything else that is not our product specifically like our competitors or our finances lucky for us we can hire people to do that for us and manage the non design aspects of our company, part of the investments will go into that also no doubt. But really, we've seen nothing like what we have on shelves.

    We are hoping to get together with investors that believe in a great idea, backed by great design and stuff like killer domains and all that. Our product solves a need that hasn't been addressed like it should to date and has that, why didn't I think of that and that wow that will sell factor.

    I wrote this past post with hopes of figuring out what we are doing wrong, because we know we are in a process, and polishing what we have to make it perfect for anyone wanting to put some money in. That person will know everything about what we have and will be getting action in a brand new concept, our product line will cost about a hundred grand to develop and we are forecasting selling millions of units so there's obviously quite a return to be made, there's obviously a risk involved to but to a serious investor that will show us the money we will show what we have to bring that risk to a more than acceptable level.


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    November 5, 2012 10:08 PM EST

    Honestly, you have to come up with a better pitch.

    First, saying there is nothing like your products is saying that you have no competition - which is untrue - there is always competition (direct and indirect).  This is a big red flag for any investor - it shows that you don't really know your market.

    Second, you don't state how much you are seeking - just "depending on how much money ..." - That is another cop out.  Shows that you don't understand your business model or your finances.

    Third, you never say what is in it for the investor - investors invest for some return - what will they get?

    Lastly, asking for investment in the public space is a violation of the SEC rules and regs.

    Have you thought about licensing out your products to another company for a royalty payment?  Or, taking your products to an invention company that can commercialize it?  Or, even looking overseas for manufacturers that can do it with little upfront money and at a better cost point?

    Know that very few investors will even consider your company without some type of track record.  Your best bet might be to get out in your community and network there to see if you can find some local investors.  Then, use that to start growing your company.  As it grows, more investors will be attracted.

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