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Good Google ranking but NO SALES ! Help!

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    September 8, 2012 7:55 AM EDT

    Wondering why we are selling plenty on eBay (so prices seem ok), but yet we are not selling on our own site, even with a 10% off code vooucher going to all our ebay customers in their package, plus the advantage that eBay is second class post, but buy on our website and its first class (FREE).

    There is plenty of traffic (UK and USA) on a daily basis, but nobody buying.

    There are some abondoned carts too. We have tested to ensure that the checkout actually works, which it does.

    We recently changed to a 1 step checkout - no sales.

    We then also changed to allow Guest checkout (no registration required) - still no sales!!

    Any ideas??


    p.s. the web site link is in my profiel

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    September 9, 2012 9:15 AM EDT

    You said you have good rankings in Google but after browsing around your store, I find that most pages on your store do not have good on-page SEO optimization elements, are you sure your store is ranking well in Google? If they are ranking well, are they ranking well for the right keywords?

    Your product pages are very messy and filled with elements that cause confusion. For example, you have a shopping cart widget and a newsletter subscription widget on the right side of every page. This creates multiple calls-to-action that causes confusion. Also, the product description that you have needs to be more organized and better written.

    You need more work if you are trying to sell on your own website because you need to create the trust that many buyers have with authoritative marketplaces like eBay.

    Good luck!

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