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Home Based Business Failure

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    February 26, 2013 3:36 PM EST

    11 Reasons Why So Many Individuals Fail in Building a Home Based Business


    Life is full of challenges and many are there to test our faith. It was said that it doesn`t matter how many times you get knocked down as long as you keep on getting back up. Are getting back up? If not what is keeping you down?

    Are any these 11 reasons keeping you down. Read these only if you want to know the truth. Be honest and experience an awakening. I know because I have struggled with all of these in the past.

    #1 They believe that they don`t deserve to be successful.

    #2 They believe that they are not smart enough.

    #3 They lack focus.

    #4 They lack commitment.

    #5 They blame others for their mistakes.

    #6 They take advice from the wrong individuals.

    #7 They are too lazy to find answers on their own.

    #8 They have the wrong vehicle.

    #9 Their WHYis not big enough.

    #10 They have a big EGO.

    #11 They give up too soon.

    I am sure there are many more that could be listed.

    What are some more reasons that you can think of?

    Getting knocked down is easy getting back up takes guts and courage but it is definitely worth it.

    For more resources and insights visit the link below and leave a comment.

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